Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

A recent study published by Statista discovered that the percentage of social media users in America has increased over 300% since 2008. With such a huge demographic, social media has become an essential tool for businesses to grow, advertise and even receive feedback to provide better service.

Below, are the three biggest reasons businesses need social media to thrive.

1. Allows You To Get to Know Your Customers Social media allows us to see​,​ in real time​,​ people's day to day lives. Having the ability to listen to your target market​,​ as well as to your competitors’​,​ gives your business valuable intelligence. You can learn what your customers and potential customers like and don't like and you can learn to speak their language. By listening to your target audience​,​ you can make better business decisions that will help your business succeed. 

2. Helps You Build Your Brand Social media gives you the chance to connect with people all over the world. Today​,​ businesses do not have to stay local​.​ ​They can reach for the stars and build their brand on a global level. By having your business engaged with social media marketing​,​ you are giving​ customers an easier outlet to connect with you. For example, say a customer has an awesome review of ​the​ recent product they received from your brand. The customer can reach out to you easily and you can respond in a personal, individualized manner, which will help to build strong brand loyalty. 

3. Advertise For Less To Your Audience Advertising through social media is less expensive than normal advertising. Getting your message to your target audience has never been easier through the use of social media. Social media advertising is also ​beneficial because it allows you to get very specific as to who you are targeting. Metrics such as location, demographics, interests, and more are used to help you reach your target audience. Plus, all the efforts you are putting into reaching your target audience can easily be measured through the use of real-time analytics and can ​be ​edited​ as you go to insure you are reaching the right target audience.

Are you ready to start using social media marketing in your business? Engaged Media Solutions would love to help you use online networks to your advantage. I strive to provide result-driven digital engagements including attracting potential customers, and engaging and converting them through website traffic, leads, and sales.  Contact me today and see what I can do for you.

​Thank you so much, ​Brianna