Turn What's On The Pages Into Projects

Have you read Follow The Line? It reminded me of the search and find picture books that I use to bring along in the car when we went on vacation! Students get to follow the line and search for objects in the picture.

It is a super way to get their brains working, but let's take it one step further! While reading I kept thinking about Strawbees. I think it was because of all the awesome lines.

If you have never used Strawbees before they are a mechanical educational toy and coding platform. The reason I love Strawbees so much is because they allow for hands-on exploration and working with design, construction, electronics and programming all in one.

I also love how they offer an open-ended system. This allows students to create opportunities for fun and engaging experiences for every student.

After reading Follow The Line you could have students create whatever they wanted. I am sure after reading the book they will have lots of ideas going through their heads because of all the lines.

Want to add Strawbees to your makerspace? Check out my friends over at Maker Maven! They offer several Strawbees Kits and they just announced two NEW Strawbees kits that are available for pre-order.

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