Making Global Connections

One of my favorite things about social media is the amazing connections you get to make all around the world. Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of Skyping with Kate Lamoureux and her fourth grade class in Van Meter, Iowa.

Kate had reached out to my mom, Shannon Miller, with a special request. Her class was reading a text all about libraries and how children get their books around the world and she wondered if my mom could help them make some global connections.

I was so excited when my mom reached out to me and asked if I could show them around our library! For those of you who don't know, we are currently living in Belgium where my husband, Jaden, is stationed in the United States Army.

My husband works on the Chievres Airbase in Belgium and we have the cutest little library with an amazing librarian, Rob! We love to read so you can often times find us checking out books and asking Rob for help.

It was amazing getting to show the 4th graders around the library! Often times we get comfortable in our normal routine and it can start to feel not as special. When I saw the students faces light up while showing them around the library it made me remember just how special our little library is.

When we first moved to Belgium we were stuck in "The Lodge" for over a month while we searched for a home to live in. The lodge is just like a hotel, but you get a small stove to cook on and some kitchen utensils.

If you look up the Chievres Airbase in Belgium on Google Maps you will find that we are basically out in the middle of nowhere. The closest city, Mons, is about 30 minutes away.

I am going to be completely honest, moving overseas and then living in the lodge with nearly none of our belongings was hard. Our dog also couldn't be at the lodge with us, which made things even harder.

The Chievres Library was just a few blocks from the lodge and it was our saving grace during the long days at the lodge. We would go every single day and check out movies and books and use it as a way to get out of our little room.

Getting to share my library with Kate Lamoureux and her fourth grade class was a fantastic experience. Libraries and the special librarians that run them change lives. I will forever be grateful for the amazing librarians I have met in my life.

All my best,