Flipgrid Reading Challenge

Flipgrid is an awesome platform that I was introduced to a couple years ago while helping my mom, Shannon Miller, with a project. I remember Flipgrid gave us a place to share our thoughts, opinions, and most of all our voices. Flipgrid gives us all a place to amplify our voice, which I love!

A fun way to use Flipgrid in the library and classroom is to use it as a platform for students to reflect on their reading. Want to make it even more fun? Try adding my Flipgrid Reading Challenge.

Everyone loves a good challenge and when we pair it with reading and an awesome edtech tool we are all set for an awesome learning experience.

To start this awesome learning experience you should print off the Flipgrid Reading Challenge. You can find the PDF below. Give students the challenge and have them get started. Have them mark off the books they have read as they go. It might also be helpful for them to keep a list and some notes about the books they have read.

Once student have read all the required books from the reading challenge have them record what they thought of the books, what their favorite books were, what genera they liked most, etc through Flipgrid. Students could even watch each other's videos and reply with questions or comments in order to have a conversation about the reading challenge.

There are so many ideas and different ways you could change up this challenge. That being said, how are you going to add to this challenge? Look forward to hearing your ideas!

All my best,