Creating Holiday Bookmarks/Shelf Markers Using Canva

Hello Friends,

It's been awhile since I have produced any new content...the reason being that I simply needed a break. Moving back to the US after 4.5 years overseas was an adjustment and then COVID hit which was a whole new adjustment. I feel I am finally ready to get this whole blog thing back up and running. :)

With that being said...who LOVES the holiday season? I love the feeling of cuddling up and winding down with my family. I know this year will be different than most, but I am looking forward to time with my boys and of course a virtual Christmas with the rest of our family.

I was picking holiday books to get out and read today when I realized that shelf markers in our library were much needed if I was ever going to find where I took the books from...which got me thinking...why not create some holiday bookmarks/shelf markers using my favorite creation tool Canva!

I created these four holiday bookmarks/shelf markers that you can easily print off here.

A super easy and fun way to get students engaged before the holidays is to print these bookmarks and leave them out with markers or crayons. Students will love letting their creativity go to work!

Want to make your own bookmarks/shelf markers? Find over 5,000 bookmark templates in Canva here.

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All my best,