Break The Winter Break Ice With This Funny Picture Book

Night Animals

by Gianna Marino

I finally got to stop by our library on post and see what new picture books were available. Night Animals was on display and I had to bring it home. And oh my is absolutely adorable!

Night Animals is perfect to break the ice after the long winter break. It is funny, cute, and teaches several good lessons. I would highly recommend this book to anyone with littles who may need to be reminded that the dark isn't scary. This book would also be a great introduction for young readers wanting to learn more about nocturnal animals.

Overall Night Animals is fun and funny to read and has a lot of different ways it can be used.

Want to go more in depth with explaining what nocturnal animals are?

Here is a fun video...

I also wanted to share the Winter Symbaloo. This is full of wonderful resources for the winter including websites, stories, a Collection by Destiny, songs and so much more.

This is perfect to pair with Night Animals.

All my best,