Books & Ideas For Box And Cardboard Creations!

Last week I shared these awesome #morethanabox Amazon boxes that we received! After receiving the boxes I couldn't help but get excited about the possibilities and follow along with this amazing initiate from Amazon! I know lots of my friends on social media including my mom, Shannon Miller, were putting out a call to their families and communities to keep a look out for the boxes and to bring them into the classroom and library for students.

My mom and I created this fun Padlet filled with books about boxes and cardboard. I thought it would be wonderful to take these boxes from Amazon and turn them into not only the things printed on the side, but mash them into other projects like the ones found in these books! And to share all of the special stories about boxes and cardboard too.

If you visit Amazon to find out more details you will learn from their site that, Amazon recently surprised customers with playful shipping boxes inspired by child-like imagination. We introduced fun ways to treat adults, kids and pets to ... more than a box!

Want even more inspiration? Check out the #morethanabox hashtag that is featured on the box. If you visit the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram you will find all kinds of amazing photos of people enjoying these fun boxes from Amazon.

As we get the #morethanabox boxes (which I don't know about you, but we get A LOT of Amazon boxes in the mail at our home), think about all of the fun your children will have with the boxes and the amazing creations these will spark! This is just a start!

By using the books included in our Padlet, visiting the #morethanabox hashtag, being inspired searching on Instagram and best of all, using imagination and creativity, #morethanamox will surely inspire students this year as we go into a new school year within our libraries and classrooms.

Be sure to add even more storybooks and books to create on the Padlet, share your creations and those of your students on social media, and have fun with boxes, cardboard and other recycled goods!

I can't wait to see what they bring to your life!

All my best,