Advantages Of The Apple Watch For Entrepreneurs

From keeping up on social media to making sure I stay active, the Apple Watch is a lifesaver for me as an entrepreneur.

On a daily basis, I use my Apple Watch in three main ways that help me to stay on top of my game and insure I am doing everything I can to make my business thrive.

No. 1 - Social Media Updates

Although the screen is small, I find scrolling through my social media notifications easy and effective through the Apple Watch. Plus, the ability to follow people back and keep up on what happening is great. Having social media on my wrist at all times has allowed me to become more social, which is perfect for todays growing online world.

No. 2 - Reminds Me Of My Obligations

As all my fellow entrepreneurs know, life can get really busy! Using apps like Clear, helps keep me on track for the day and reminds me where I need to be and when I need to be there. It's my own personal assistant!

Another app I love to use for reminding myself of things is Evernote. I find it helpful to write longer notes through Evernote and glance at them when in meetings.

No. 3 - Keeps Me Active

My day includes lots of sitting while working on my computer. I am a workaholic and I sometimes forget to take my eyes away from my screen for hours. The Apple Watch helps me stay active by sending me reminders to move around every hour. This is a great way to give my myself a quick break. Throughout the day, these quick breaks help me have a more focused and productive day.

The Apple Watch is perfect for me as an entrepreneur because I get to wear a screen on my wrist at all times!

Do you have any ways that you love to use your Apple Watch? Please share them with us in the comments.

All my best,