A Collection of Fonts & Lettering For Almost Anything!

My mom, Shannon Mcclintock Miller, and I love creating cool newsletters, flyers, posters, graphics for blog post, letterheads, social media posts...basically about anything tied to graphic design, branding and marketing, we love creating!

When we work on these things, we like and use a lot of the different fonts that are included in digital tools, apps and presentation tools, but we really like to go to other sites to find fonts and lettering that really makes the things we create stand out and grab the attention of the readers and audience.

When my mom and I were working on some Makerspace ideas around gaming in libraries, we went to Textcraft to create these cool Minecraft looking letters for the title of the work. We also love using Font Meme, 3D Fonts!

And we certainly can't miss another from Font Meme called Graffiti Fonts! We love finding all of these awesome graffiti fonts and being able to change the color too!

We not only enjoy using these font and lettering sites ourselves, we also love sharing them with others. Teachers & librarians love being able to make their work stand out even more.

To share our favorites and lots more with all of you, we brought them together in a new Collection by Destiny. You can find the Fonts and Lettering Collection here.

Please feel free to ask to be a collaborator in this Collection or share sites that should be included in this Collection too. And let us know what other sites you use and we will add them to the Collection too.

All our best,

Brianna & Shannon