Picture Books To Welcome Spring

Is spring in the air where you live? Today, here in Belgium, I saw a bumblebee flying around. Even though it’s raining and 45 degrees, I took that as a sign that spring is coming! Thank goodness because it has been the darkest winter here since 1887.

One of my favorite things about spring is the chance to plant and garden. We get to welcome the new into our lives. It is truly like a breath of fresh air. My parents introduced gardening to me at a very young age. Every Mother’s Day we would take my mom out to buy flowers and we would all help plant them. I love that tradition!

As I got older, my dad introduced us to a new kind of planting. We started to plant to provide food for the animals (deer, turkey, etc.) on our farm. Every weekend, we would plow the land, fertilize, plant, weed, and so on. At the time it was hard work that I didn’t look forward to, but now I take it as a great life lesson.

When I decided to move to North Carolina to live with my soon-to-be husband, my mom helped me plant a pot garden for our backyard. We planted tomatoes, spinach, onions, peppers, and cucumbers. Those plants traveled with me from Iowa to North Carolina. Again, what an important life lesson. It is such an amazing feeling to be able to grow and eat food you planted.

After asking you all to share your favorite picture books about gardening and planting, we have an amazing collection gathered together on our Padlet. Now that we have all these picture books, how can we incorporate them into our classrooms and libraries?

One of my favorite picture books for spring is The Curious Garden. A fun way to add an activity to The Curious Garden would be to have students imagine a place where the would want to plant a garden.

Want to add some tech? Try using Book Creator. You can have students create a book about why they would want to plant a garden where they chose and what they would want to plant. They could make it into a book full of colorful spring pictures and their own words.

How are you going to celebrate spring in your classroom and library?

All our best,

Brianna & Shannon