February Is Library Lovers' Month

My love of the library started when I was in High School. Not only did I love the library because my mom was there, I also loved the library because it was where I went to escape. High school is not an easy time for anyone and without the library and my amazing librarian I would have dreaded school every day.

I want to take a minute to sincerely thank each and every librarian who is reading this. You make the library so much more than just a place with books. You create a sanctuary where anyone can come to find peace. Thank you!

I love Library Lovers' Month and I love libraries and the amazing librarians who help make them what they are!

Here are 5 ways I am going to be celebrating this special month:

1. Sending A Thank You Letter To My Local Librarians

2. Promoting Reading By Giving Book Suggestions

3. Starting A Book Club

4. Gifting My Favorite Book To My Library

5. Volunteering My Time

Fun Fact: I actually already have a book club called Books Without Borders. My goal this month is to breath new life into this dream of mine and start fresh. Would you be interested in joining? More to come!

How are you celebrating Library Lovers' Month? Share your ideas with me!

All my best,