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The Perfect Book To Celebrate Kindness

Gregory and the Grimbockle

by Melanie Schubert

Don't you love rainy Saturdays? I sat down and read Gregory and the Grimbockle in one sitting. Wow, what an amazing book! It is entertaining and heartwarming and brings so many important topics to light for middle graders. World Kindness Day is coming up on November 13th and Gregory and the Grimbockle would be the perfect novel to promote to students during this time. Being kind to one another is SO important and that really shines through in Gregory and the Grimbockle. It gets better...there is also a soundtrack to listen while you read the book! I really love this idea and think it gives the book a unique feel. Overall Gregory and the Grimbockle is fun to read and teaches the important lesson of being kind. A must read!

Find Gregory and the Grimbockle here.