Ten Ways To Stay Creative

Creativity is a must for every single one of us! Being an entrepreneur means that I need to continually be creative and authentic to myself. When I am in need of a boost of creativity I have found these ten ways to be very effective.

Enjoy this list and if you have any ways that keep you creativity please share! 1. Keep An Idea Journal

I have an idea journal with me at all times. I use both a physically journal and I have a journal app on my phone. I seem to come up with my best ideas when I am just getting ready to go to sleep or while being active. I love being able to write these ideas down to make sure I do not forget or abandon them.

2. Get Moving

I workout or go for a walk everyday. Being active is one of the most important aspects of my health and my creativity. If I don't do some sort of movement in a day I am left feeling drained and not creative at all. This doesn't mean you have to workout for an hour, just get out and go for a 20 minute walk. Trust me it helps!

3. Read Books

I love reading! This week I started reading Girl Code and I have to say the creativity I am gaining from this book is insane. I love to pick books that inspire me and make me learn more about myself. There is always something that we can learn from a book.

4. Listen To Podcasts

Podcasts are a must for when I am feeling down or just not motivated or creative. A good podcast can get your creative juices flowing in no time!

5. Let Go Of Fear

Putting your ideas out into the world can be a scary thing. I understand this and it can be hard sometimes to put yourself out there. You need to let go of this fear and share your ideas. You never know what will happen until you try it.

6. Create An Inspiration Board

I have a bulletin board in my office that I put anything and everything that I find inspirational. My new favorite thing is to put quotes from inspirational women on my board. I also like to put pictures of things I want to accomplish and places I want to go.

7. Travel

Last month I traveled alone to a city I did not know in a country that is not my own. I was scared, but I have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life. I gained confidence, creativity, and strength from this trip. It was actually the main idea starter for my new business.

8. Collaborate With Others

Having a group of people that lift you up is a must in order to be creative. Everyone needs help from others at some point and it is great to have a group of like minded people that can help you complete your goals.

9. Break Your Routine

Routine is everything to me. Sometimes this can be harmful though. One day just decide to do something spontaneous and break your routine. Do something you have never done before. Your creativity will be through the roof!

10. Listen To Music

Music has been proven to boost your mood and make you more creativity. I like to create playlists on my Spotify account to help me work, help me be creative, and help me play. Music is an amazing thing and should be taken advantage of.

I would love to hear any ways that keep you creativity.