You have an idea that could change the education world.


You’re ready to turn your vision into a well designed, thriving brand.


You want to create a brand that can make a difference within libraries, education and communities.

The Time Is Now

Creating Brands To Help Educators

Engaged Media Solutions was born from my passion for education. I was in my fourth year at Colorado State University Global Campus when I decided I would make a difference. I wasn’t sure how, but I knew I would! This difference came in the form of helping other like minded entrepreneurs create brands that make a big impact. We collaborate closely to craft clarity, shape language, and design visuals to create a brand that will give you the voice you need to make a difference in education.  

Here’s a sneak peek at what we can do together…

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Ready To Work Together?

Here’s the first step to make a difference within school libraries, education and communities.


"Brianna Cua is the Social Marketing and Brand Communications Director for not one, but two of our businesses!  Brianna was hired to manage multiple social media platforms for each business and to create a presence on other media platforms we were not currently active on.  Her work ensures that our branding and marketing strategy is well communicated across these platforms and that our customers receive relative, value add content, daily.     

Brianna has been the "tipping point" for our social marketing and we are continually impressed by her communication and organizational skills.  These skills are evident in the quality of work she consistently produces."

J'aime Quick,

Maker Maven and Literacy For Texas

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Take a closer look at how I have worked with entrepreneurs to craft clarity, shape language, and design visuals to create brands that stand out. 


Learn what services I offer to help you build the brand of your dreams. We are taking digital marketing, website development, and so much more. 

The Complete Guide To Twitter

Twitter is a great place to attract customers, community, and to learn. Check out my course that shows you how to get started on Twitter in just 45 minutes.

I am a wife and a dog mom who has a passion for social media, libraries, education, reading, cooking, nutrition, exercise and so much more. My family and I are currently living in Belgium. I am the face behind Engaged Media Solutions & Engaged Learning Network. 

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If you’re an educator, librarian, entrepreneur, or community who is looking to change the education world, this network can help you build the knowledge and skills you need to make a difference.